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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Lime Crime Velvetines in Faded


Despite many bad reviews regarding this brand, I just kept on buying more. Simply because I love how this product on my lips.This year, Lime Crime launched several new shades of their Velvetines series, and I can't wait to try them all. But my budget surely told me I really have to wait. 


Lime Crime Velvetines always comes with a frosted glass bottle and a flowery red box. This packaging is actually their latest design, not much different from the old ones.



I'm not so sure how many shades available now from this Velvetines series. I chose Faded as it has some soft purple shade, which is my favorite.


The applicator comes in a doe-foot shape but it's a bit longer compared to the old Velvetines. This new shape is more beneficial for me. There's also a hint of vanilla aroma that will fade gradually after the application.


For those of you who are not familiar yet with this product, it's actually a liquid lip stain that will end up matte after a few minutes.

Judging from the color inside the bottle, Faded looks so similar to Bleached and Cashmere, but when applied onto my wrist, turned out it was actually a muted purple that wearable for day and night. You just can't go wrong with this nude color.  Rather than thick and creamy, this product has a liquid and runny consistency.



Lime Crime Velvetines is a lip stain that quickly dry, it'll only take less than a minute before it dries completely. The formula is a lot better than the old version of Velvetines. It glieds smoothly and very pigmented. Once it dries, it won't budge all day, unless if you eat oily food. This also doesn't clump, felt lightweight, not sticky but powdery, and not drying at all. Compared to several similar products, Velvetines is the most enjoyable one. Not to mention its nice vanilla scent which is pretty amusing.

Although this one's not drying, I just won't suggest to use matte lip stain when your lips are over drying, or when you're not feeling well. I also try not to use matte lip stain every single day. Trust me, you'll have some issues. To remove the product from your lips, I also suggest to use your favorite lip scrub.

In Indonesia, for the time being (or maybe forever) Lime Crime Velvetines are available in online stores only. It originally cost USD 20 for 2 ml of product, but I bought this for IDR 350K in BeautyStore Nicula in Facebook. Price may vary.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Lime Crime Velvetiness (Cashmere)

Note: This post will be written in Bahasa Indonesia. An English conclusion will be written at the end of the post



Gileee, it's been a while banget yak since the last time I updated this blog. Kira-kira ada sekitar 14.726 alasan kenapa gue lama ga update blog, tapi kepanjangan kalo mau gue jabarin satu-satu. Yah, intinya gue sibuk banget lah jadi owner dari 3 kafe, 2 restoran, 4 perkebunan (plus peternakan), dan 1 toko roti. Bayangkan, kalo semuanya gue anggurin, bisa-bisa score gue dibalap sama lawan dan ranking gue di leaderboard merosot tajam! Btw, cuma gamers yang ngerti omongan ini.

Yang mau gw bahas sekarang adalah Lime Crime Velvetiness lagiiii. Kapan gitu pernah gue review yang warna Pink Velvet. Sekarang gue mao review warna yang lebih kalem: Cashmere.

Pas gue beli Ini, Cashmere adalah atu-atunya warna yang nude. Tapi sekarang udah ada 3 warna lagi yang lumayan wearable. Gue belinya ini juga preloved. Kemasannya sih gak terlalu beda jauh sama Pink Velvet seri lama. Masih dikemas dalam frosted glass transparan dan tutup kaleng warna merah. Yang beda sih desain kotaknya. Cuma ga penting banget lah dibahas.





Si aplikator Velvetiness ini bentuknya doe foot yah. Ketimbang aplikator model lurus, gue lebih suka doe foot. Lebih bersahabat aja dengan struktur badan manusia. Jadi makenya lebih gampang. Produk ini juga memiliki aroma vanilla yang khas. 

Sayangnya gue lupa upload foto swatch-nya di tangan, dan fotonya juga udah menghilang entah ke mana. Jadi ini gue kasih swatch bibirnya aja ya.


Buat kamu yang belom familiar dengan Velvetiness, produk ini adalah lipstik cair yang akan berubah menjadi matte. Gak perlu lama-lama menunggu sampe dia jadi kering di bibir. In fact, ini salah satu poduk yang cepet banget keringnya dibanding produk-produk sejenis. Jadi kalo salah oles, ya tiada maaf dah.


Cashmere adalah warna greige... Alias greyish beige. Warnanya jauh lebih pucat dibanding bibir asli gue. Makanya gue bilang, walaupun dia nude tapi bukan warna yang wearable banget kayak Sleek Birthday Suit misalnya. Kalo pake ini, makeup harus full coverage dari ujung jidat sampe dagu (cocok buat smokey eyes). Kalo ngga, keliatan lagi kurang darah. Suami gue pernah nanya pas gue make ini: kenapa kamu pake lipstik abu-abu? Cape deh.

Oh ya, meskipun warna ini di gue jadi cenderung abu-abu, belom tentu di elo bakal begini juga ya. Mungkin hasilnya akan lebih manis kalo elo punya bibir yang warna aslinya ngepink atau agak merah.


Jadi kan banyak tuh yang bilang kalo Cashmere ini warnanya sama dengan Colourpop Lippe Stix yang warna Tootsie, padahal menurut gue sih ngga. Mungkin sekilas iya, tapi Cashmere lebih pucat dibanding Tootsie, walaupun bisa dibilang they're like sisters.

Selama pake Cashmere ini, gue gak ngerasain ada keluhan bibir kering atau rasa gak nyaman dipake. Beda kalo gue make yang warna Pink Velvet, rasanya tuh bibir kayak dikeletek banget. Tapi ngga dengan yang ini. Gue ga tau kenapa tapi denger-denger sih Velvetiness sempat direformulasi jadi lebih nyaman dipake. Walaupun mungkin ini ada hubungannya juga dengan jenis pigmen yang dipake.

Oh ya, selain nyaman, Cashmere ini juga lebih gampang luntur dibanding Pink Velvet. Gue ga bilang dia gak awet ya. Awet sih, tapi kalo mereka berdua dibandingin, Pink Velvet lebih tahan kama dibanding Cashmere. Kalo dibilang berapa jam awetnya... hmmm, kalo gue sih pernah dipake 6 jam gak luntur sama sekali, padahal udah gue pake makan spageti. Tapi entahlah, seperti yang pernah gue bilang sebelomnya, gue tuh punya bakat khusus menjaga keawetan lipstik di bibir.

Lime Crime dijual dengan harga USD 20 di website aslinya, untuk isi yang hanya sekitar 2 ml. Agak pelit sih. Di Indonesia hanya bisa didapatkan lewat online dengan harga bervariasi dari IDR 350K sampe IDR 450K. Tergantung elo beruntung apa ngga.

Lime Crime Velvetiness in Cashmere is a grey beige liquid lip color. On me it's a bit hard to pull off and the color itself is not some wearable nude one. It applies wet and dries dead matte in just a few secs. It has some vanilla fragrance. Unlike Lime Crime Pink Velvet, Cashmere formula is a bit lighter and thinner, easier to apply and layered.

This one stays about 6 hours on me without touching up and I don't feel like drying or as if my lips are being torn. It really is a comfortble product on me.

Many says Colourpop Lippie Stix in Tootsie is a great dupe for Cashmere, while I tend to disagree since Tootsie is a bit darker and more wearable than Cashmere. But they sure are sisters.

This product is available for USD 20 each on their official website. You can only buy this in Indonesia thru' online stores for bout IDR 350K to IDR 450K.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review: Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Stain (Pink Velvet)

I think I've spent cash too much on Lime Crime products for the past three months. Never mind. I have an addiction, so to hell with budget coz I'm super excited! #helpmeimbroke

The packaging is a frosted transparent glass with rose pattern red cap, the same goes with the box.

I think it's important to capture this unicorn emblem on the cap. Yeaay!

The shade I have is this Pink Velvet.

There are 9 shades available and they are all bold, even to the lighest shade. Certainly not meant for the bashful type of person.

What they claimed:

Ground-breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!

I find out that every single word is completely true, I'll tell you why later.

The applicator is not the very pointy doe-foot type, it's pretty bulky I suppose.

Just like many other matte lip stains, it's creamy and wet when freshly applied and will turn to a super matte result in less than a minute. The shade is a very vibrant and bright pink with cool/blue undertone. I think this suits fair skin better than the medium or darker ones. Talking about the scent, it has a really sweet vanilla cake aroma coming out of the tube that will gradually fade away.

It's pretty hard to capture the truest shade, but this one is the closest to reality.
This is a super opaque result, I bet this color won't change on you, no matter what natural lip color you have. The blackness around your lips? It can be completely covered by this product.

Btw, can you see some uneven lines on my lips? That was becoz I couldn't figure out yet how to apply this evenly. Since this was made not to budge, it turned to matte very quickly, and once it dried there'll be no turning back. If this happened, maybe a cotton swab dipped in a makeup remover will be helpful. But later on, I tried to apply this using a lip brush to create even and sharp edges and that worked really well. Thus, I can say this product is not doable for newbies.

When I try to wipe this using an eye & lip make up remover.

 It's very stubborn. You have to wipe it several times before it's gone completely. Once gone, it'll leave a nice pink stain on your lips that will stay for ages. LOLs.

A bonus picture of how it works on me. Just FYI that my skintone is NC25, or in other words, it's fair with yellow/warm undertone. 

My experience with this product is a true enjoyable one. Smudge proof, kissproof, waterproof, doesn't easily transfer, long lasting. Once applied and it will last the whole day. Doesn't clump and felt lightweight, not sticky but powdery, a bit drying like most matte lip stain products, but with some tricks here and there, this won't damage your lips. Just make sure you don't use this everyday, and don't forget lip-scrubbing twice a week or after wearing this, also apply your favorite lip balm before going to bed. 

The shade is the most wearable one of this series, but still an eye catcher in this country (read: Indonesia), so just make sure you wear this at the right moment. Because you don't want some douche bags gossiping about your bright lips while you wear this for some grocery shopping. Or maybe you just don't care?

Btw, after wearing this several times ( like, I mean... a lot!) I found that this product would oxidize overtime. Somehow after a few hours, the shade will turn to a little bit red rather than shocking pink. which I really don't mind at all. Do you experience the same thing?


My take
Pink Velvet is a bright blue based pink
Ultra matte finishing
The applicator tip is not very pointy
Very stubborn formula
Nice vanilla scent
A bit drying
In Indonesia it's available in online stores only

How much
It cost USD 20 in
I bought this for IDR 385K with IDR 50K discount at the time in

8 out of 10
I will rate this 10 if the formula isn't drying and the price is friendlier with my budget

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Lime Crime Palette D'antoinette

Yes, I know it's rainy season in Indonesia and even winters on some parts of the world. I bought this and took these pictures months ago, and the blog post was stashed among my drafts too long that I forgot it. Oh well, forget my excuses, here it goes.

I'm always been a fan of Lime Crime products because of its uniqueness in shades and packaging. This pallet is no exception. How do I describe this? Purple tin with dreamy golden unicorn patterns embossed on all over the surface. This reminds me of my tin pen case back in my school days.

The shade descriptions were written on the tin bottom. And because of the name of the palette, those descriptions are so "monarch".
Stashed inside were five bright pastel eye shadow shades reminiscent of sweet candies. They're all matte except for one sparkly silver on far right.
Indoor with camera flash.
Indoor under natural lighting.

I swatched these with my bare skin, no foundation and no eye primer whatsoever and they came up pretty bright. Not that kind of stark bright since they're pastel, though. These swatches were so much vivid in real life. Somehow my camera seemed to be focused on the silver shade only no matter how many times I tried to capture.


 Color Breakdowns

Royal Flush.
Royal flush is a sweet matte baby pink. It's usually hard for me to find the perfect pink to create a pastel pinky eye look. I usually ended with too neon or too soft, but this one stands in the middle.
I just love this green. I think this is a true pastel green. All other greens are usually represents leaf, or lime, or camo color. But this one reminiscents me of nothing, just green.

This shade can turn to peach or soft orange, depends on how thick you swipe it. Other than Royal-Flush, this is the color I wear often, and the combination of those two is absolutely stunning.

This is a soft unicorn lilac shade. In my skintone, this is the hardest shade to pull off, even though it's pastel but turns too bright on me. It can also look a bit blue on different lights, not my favorite but still a nice shade.

This is a very bright silver color loaded with sparkles and the most pigmented of all five. Although very pigmented but this is the least impressive regarding its staying power. I was a bit marvelled by this existence since it's the only non-pastel color in this palette. Why not... errr white, perhaps?
I added a bit of black shadow from my Sleek Acid Palette, but the rest of the shades are from this palette.

I have so many neutral and bright palette, and having another pastel one is seem to be a nice idea. In fact, each pan has very unique shade that doesn't seem to be available in any palette I own.
I love wearing this palette on daily basis since it's a good way to make your eyes stand out and colorful without looking too much. I can say it's sweetly colorful rather than daring or stark bright, compared to China Doll palette, for example. 
They're all so smooth and buttery, and although they're matte but can be easily blended. A good color pay-off in one swipe, but its longevity is kinda average. An addition of eye primer in advance would be very helpful to lengthen its staying power.
It cost for about USD 35 on its official web, if I'm not mistaken. It's available in Indonesia in online stores only. I got this from It cost IDR 420,000 but I bought this with 30% discount at the time.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick (Centrifuchsia)

I have been a fan of Lime Crime lip products because of the packaging and their crazy range of colors. It took me a long time to finally decide purchasing this since the price wasn't something you would spend for some random stuff out of curiousity. But... have you ever want something so bad you don't care about the price, whether you need it or not? No? Well, lucky you, because that's what I felt towards this lovely purple bitch. So, to hell with budget.
Just look at the packaging design, doesn't it remind you of some toy lipsticks you had when you were a little gurl? Lilac color with a holographic Unicorn silhouette, same goes with the box design. Although it looks cute, but isn't it a little cheap looking?

There are 19 shades of Opaque Lipstick. My shade is Centrifuchsia. Why this? Because--despite the fact it is one of a few wearable shades--some reviews I read and watched told me this has the best texture. I actually aimed for Airborne Unicorn, because I love the name. LOLs. But it wasn't available at the time.
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, DI-PPG-3 Myristyl Ether Adipate, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Ozokerite, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Vanillin, Polyethylene, Microcrystalline Wax, Silica, Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol. May Contain [+/-]: Mica CI 77019, Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77492 CI 77491 CI 77499, Red 7 Lake CI 15850:1, Yellow 5 Lake CI 19140:1, Blue 1 Lake CI 42090:2, Red 6 CI 15850, Red 28 Lake CI 45410. VEGAN/CRUELTY-FREE.

The bullet design is classic pointy one. There's a strong vanilla scent on it.

The color is what I describe as medium dark pink, or fuchsia, like the name itself.

My pale bare lips.

The picture above is when swatched to my lips. Somehow my camera kinda toned down the color a little bit because in reality it looked so much darker. I actually took some pictures of my lips under natural lighting but I don't think I will show you those since the result doesn't resemble the real color at all.

I played with my photo editor, change the saturation and all that, and finally came up with that picture above. Although it was obviously edited, but it's the closest one to reality.
This lipstick applied to my lips decently, very pigmented, and went opaque without so much trouble. I just need to apply one layer and the color stands out already. The texture is smooth, doesn't clump, nor dry my lips although I wear no lip balm in advance. And just like many opaque bold lipsticks, this one will leave stain. A pink stain.
 Talking about they staying power, oh yeah, it stayed in place obediently, like a puppy. Even after I took a meal, the color only slightly faded. But too bad that the color easily transfers to whatever it touches.
I don't feel sorry at all spending about IDR 245K (for this because the quality really paid off. It felt lightweight on my lips, not too thick, with a pretty creamy finishing. However, I don't know the result for other colors from this line, as from reading some reviews, not every color give a good result, considering the price is almost the same as many high-end lipstick brands.
  • Opaque color
  • Medium dark pink tone
  • The color transfers easily
  • Long lasting
  • Not drying my lips
  • Very pigmented
  • Creamy finishing
  • Smooth textured and doesn't clump
  • How much: USD 18. I bought this for IDR 245K, available in many local online stores, but price may vary.


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