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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Rubotan vs My Darling--Liquid Liner Comparison

Back with my second eyeliner review, this time I'm gonna do a comparison again. Now it's all about liquid liner. I aimed to write this in Bahasa since one of the products is locally made, but nah, who knows some of you who don't speak Bahasa and live in this country would like to try? Heheh. But why these two? Because these liners are like the holy grail liners for most make up lovers but there's a big gap on their price range. Which one is better? Let's see.


It's been only a few years since the first time I use liquid liner. Drawing my eyelids is totally different from scratching my pencil and acrylic paint on my canvas, it's extremely difficult. Without my glasses or lenses I have to literally stick my cheeks on the mirror to draw the line precisely. What a hassle!

One of my friends suggested this liner. It was merely IDR 15K (it is now IDR 25K) on a local cosmetic shop at that time. At first she kinda belittled it, just like I did. So cheap! Would it burn? What if I got blind from cosmetic poisoning? Hahaha. But oh well, I needed some practice, so I don't mind. Little did I know that some other friends even bought them with lower prices!

Here's the tube

Well, it's coming out of my old collection. So it looks miserable. Sorryyyy.... This is my second item. The tube actually comes in black plastic with heart shaped dark red cap filled with golden letters and symbols. This even packed in a red box with BPOM registered number and its list of ingredients. Just google it. You'll find tons of Indonesian beauty bloggers reviewing this sweet thing.

Many complains the brush is too soft and the handle is too long, but for me those are one of the advantage of this product. The pointy brush tip and that long handle make it easier for me to draw exactly the precise line I wanted. I absolutely love the brush. The result is kinda matte look. And I have to warn you this will sting a bit, just a bit, the first time you apply it.

I've been using this for 2 or 3 years as my daily makeup routine, from 8 am to 10 pm. And for me this cheap liner is waterproof and doesn't smudge on my oily lids even after I took my Wudhu, in fact, it will turn to small flakes if you accidently rubbed your eyelids. So it won't make you look like a panda. This liner is also easily removed. Not bad. Not bad at all for IDR 25K.


For me this liquid liner is still a mistery. I've read a lot of reviews from local to international blogs. I even captured this liner used on some of the most prestigious runway shows like Jean Paul Gaultier. Even the famous makeup artists would recommend this oh-so-called holy grail liquid liner. But where this product come from. Japan. That's all. The ingredients? The company? The official website? Zero result. Maybe some of you would be so kind to give me more information about this?Japanese, hello.....

It comes in a glass bottle and a plastic white cap, doesn't look too convincing for a famous item. It looks like a nail polish to be honest. I bought this for IDR 140K through online shop. Some other shops would offer cheaper price but I bought from the seller I trust.

The brush is not very pointy, in my opinion, and the handle is too narrow. Maybe becoz I kinda used to the long and pointy brush of My Darling liner, I find this one a bit disturbing. Making the lining process a stressing one. Take a look at the brush comparison below:

See the big gap between them? Rubotan brush is not very applicable for me. The result on my eyelids was some kind of a curly line drawn by a shaking hand of a rookie beautician. LOL. Well, maybe it wasn't actually that bad. I just have to adjust my ability and get used to it first, by practicing a lot.

The Rubotan result is very black, and it has glossy effect. Very very vynil. I used this liner for a couple of times all day long and it didn't smudge at all!!!! Yaayy!!! As well as waterproof and no sting reaction on my eyes too.

What excite me more is this easily removed. I mean, you don't have to dab a makeup remover, instead, jus peel it off like a peel off mask, and it will me removed without leaving any mark. Oh, by the way, this is my favorite process :)


 Let's see their performances

Pardon me for not providing the result on my eyes. I did try a few times and they all fail. So I provide this photo instead. The Rubotan finishing is glossy and My Darling is matte.

This is after I put this under tap water. They are waterproof as far as I can see.

I dab this with baby oil and cotton in one swipe. Still look pretty amazing.

This is after I wipe the baby oil a few times. Rubotan liner was still there while My Darling was barely. See? They don't smudge. They just turn to small flakes. You can even peel off the Rubotan with your bare hand, really.


Which one to choose? I would say both because they have their own goods and bads. My Darling eyeliner seemed to be easier to apply, at least for me. It does sting a bit but still okay for me. I would choose this for my casual look or when I use my home makeup. Well, I do makeup even when I don't go out :)
And as for Rubotan, I love its glossy finishing, it's the blackest black I've ever seen. But the brush is not very comfortable, and the formula is too dilute, make it harder to apply.

- glossy effect
- too dilute
- very black
- narrow handle and the brush is not very pointy
- waterproof and smudgeproof
- peel-off removing
- price range IDR 110-150K

My Darling:
- matte effect
- long handle and nice pointy brush
- waterproof and smudgeproof, but not as good as Rubotan
- will be flaky if you rub it off
- sting your eyes
- price: approximately IDR 25K

Will I buy them again? Maybe. They're good but not perfect. I haven't found my holy grail eyeliner just yet -_-

Well, thank you for reading. Hope this review is useful for you :)

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