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Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: Cottage Soothing Shower Gel (Fig/La Figue)

This thing was a huge hit few months back among beauty bloggers, but I just got the chance to review this now. I actually wanted to purchase this long ago but for me it's too pricey for 'just' a shower gel. I'd rather spend a large sum of money on gadgets, and lipsticks, and pallet... LOLs.

This cutie is actually one of many prizes I won from entering giveaway by  Martalina Tesya and Anggie Lorita Irianto a few weeks ago. So it's a bliss for me to get something I wanted long ago without having to spend some money.
Cottage is a French-based products ranges from body lotion, bath milk, to cleansing oil and bar soap. There are about 14 different fragrance for each type of product. The one I got here is a soothing milk shower gel with Fig aroma in 250 ml size bottle. It's packed in a bulky fat purple bottle.
And for those who don't know what this product really is, well, basically it's a liquid soap.

What it claims:
Discover the rare pleasure of natural fig fragrance. Its milky texture based on natural Fig extracts softens the skin. Its rich foam maintains your skin's hydration*. Guaranteed to be irresistible !
Neutral pH
(* of the outer layer of the skin)

The cap is flip style which is I love. The hole of the cap is small but since the consistency is runny so I have to be careful not to pour too much.

The content is some milky purple liquid with runny consistency. It smells completely like a fig fruit, of course.

 I put a large amount in my palm so it looks pretty bubbly in the picture above, while in fact it doesn't exactly like this when you shower. You won't get much bubbles.
I like this shower gel a lot it changed my mind to purchase this once it's run out. it gives enough hydration to my skin even after I took a shower, the time my skin lost its hydration the most. I'm glad that I don't have to put body lotion after shower. The fig smell is a refreshing one though it lasted only for an hour or so, but I don't mind. This is not a parfume anyway.
Cottage shower gel is available in Ranch Market and leading drugstores/supermarkets. Or you can purchase this in many online stores such as Luxola. The price range from about IDR 60K to IDR 78K (USD 5-6). Also available in 50 ml travel size if you feel hesitate to buy the full one with lesser price.

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